My Food Diary

I’ve been taking pictures of everything I’ve been eating for one week, measuring and weighing every single thing that’s gone down my throat (apart from keeping hydrated with plenty of water and teas), to give you an idea of what a singer/fitness instructor eats in order to stay in shape and ready to kill’em with love :-p

Basically it all comes down to 4-5 meals a day, simple cooking or ready-cooked whole foods with as less processing as possible. Being outside most of the days means either I have to prepare my food at home in advance (see or buy well-sourced foods with as less additives and nasties as possible.

Also bear in mind that I do my own workout for around 90min/day AND I join in most of the classes I teach too, sometimes 7-8 classes a day (the music is bewitching, I can’t stop myself!) so it means I spend a considerable amount of energy per day, thus being hungry at all times (say the word food and there I am!). But not all the time is like that, there’s one or two days a week when I try to rest and indulge myself a bit more. Having said this, every 3 months or so I take one or two sabbatical weeks (meaning I reduce my workout considerably and/or I indulge a bit more in food), I guess it’s a natural process of the body to say: “hey, you’re fine, cool down a bit”. So there’s always a resting period for every time lapse. The same should happen with sleep and body indulgences (spa days, self-care, looooveee…<3 )

These have been my meals for 8 consecutive days at the end of August/2017:

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