Singers: The Emotional Factor

     Emotional singer

     There are people who learn how to sing (i.e. they learn the technique) but aren’t singers. And then there are people who don’t know the technique of singing but are great singers. Am I saying that a singer is born? hmm… YES! 😀 – blunt me! (even if sometimes they don’t know it yet). We are all born with a predisposition to certain things more than others. It doesn’t mean we can’t develop other skills if we put time and effort into them, but there is always a genetic predisposition. Why are some people naturally more sensitive than others? the circumstances around their upbringing might have been an influence but I believe the main factor is genetic. Having said that, and following current scientific research, it doesn’t mean that genetics is static/unchangeable. It’s been scientifically proved that we can change our genetics with the power of our mind/habits.


     So if you are an emotional person you’re more likely to be a better singer than someone who’s not emotional. Why? because when you are emotional you cannot hide your feelings, you express better, you communicate better, you can ‘exaggerate’ events (positive, negative and everything in between), you are more dramatic, hence you deliver the message much more convincingly than someone who’s not emotional. Now, don’t get me wrong, you can be emotional and not show it on the outside, but your emotional side will reveal itself through your art (singing) – you can’t hide as much as you try, I promise! 🙂 We are talking here about Dramatic (who express their feelings on the outside) and Non-Dramatic people (who ‘hide’ their drama but are still very emotional).

  • Technical Singer + Emotional Person = Good Singer
  • Born Singer + Not Emotional Person = Good Singer
  • Born Singer + Emotional Person = Great Singer!
  • Technical Singer + Not Emotional Person = Average Singer (being optimistic)

     INTENSE. Is the word people might have labelled you with (from experience). And we put that intensity into everything we do in life. The perils of being an artist, and even more intense when we express our art through our voice, the most intimate, vulnerable and powerful tool we possess! We can’t lie when we sing. We are out there in the open. So don’t be afraid of being intense, of showing your emotions. By singing them out you free yourself, you release your inner power, your raw/pure self!


     That is why it’s of extreme importance that the singer LIVES LIFE TO THE FULL. You need to experience everything you can. When you decide to ‘marry’ singing (or when singing decides to ‘marry’ you and you have no option), you will attract the wildest and most unusual things/people (be prepared!), and then you’ll be able to recall those feelings when you sing. Get ready to live a roller-coaster.

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