The Six-Pack Abs Singer

If you are a singer of worth, you will know about the popular belief that singers – specially classical singers – cannot develop a six-pack figure, because the hardening and tensioning of the abdominal muscles will impede the flexibility to breath deep and therefore sustain the notes steadily for a long time. Also stiffness in the neck/shoulder area, product of developed muscles, would impede jaw/back of neck flexibility for vocalisation. I don’t think this is true.


The right exercises, using all the surrounding muscles around the main muscles used for singing – eventually, the whole body – can produce a perfect workout, that will not only enhance the support ability but also the vocal tone, as well as giving you an improved posture and a better coordination overall.

Also, during my practice and study as a fitness instructor, I’ve noticed that little emphasis is put on costo-diaphragmatic breathing in mainstream fitness routines. I’ve combined both fields (supported breathing for singers and muscular fitness) to fill in a gap that hasn’t been explored in depth.

I am creating a series of exercises to develop strength and flexibility in the muscles that operate during the breathing/singing process, while keeping a good costo-diaphragmatic breathing all the way through! so that you don’t compromise on sound quality. So yes! it is possible for you to get a six-pack figure while maintaining correct breathing support for your singing 🙂

Me and my abs yesterday, and I do sing opera! 🙂


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