Does Aerobic exercise improve Singing?

Well… obviously! I always say it to my singing students and to my fitness clients: breathing is the fuel of life! without a good breathing, it’s impossible to have a good singing, let alone a healthy cardiovascular system. Breathing is the life force.

As you know, our body needs oxygen to function (at least in this time and age, but that’s a different subject… :-P), specially in periods of continuous moderate exercise (such as jogging, vigorous walking, swimming, etc). The Aerobic System is what it does: it utilizes O2 as fuel to generate energy (ATP molecules) from our food (protein, fats and carbs). Without it, we wouldn’t be able to burn those calories for longer than 2 minutes (we have another couple of energy systems in our body that also burn calories without oxygen, but only for very short and intense periods of time).


The more Aerobic exercise you do, the more oxygen you will need, and so your body will improve its breathing function to maximize the benefits of using less air in more time. You’ll be wondering how can we use less air in more time when our heart rate is high up and is requesting for more oxygen to be used in less time? Well, that’s when the breathing technique comes to play: when you know how to breathe properly you learn to economize the oxygen supply, and doing Aerobic exercise will get your body used to having that heart rate going while not over-extenuating the lungs-surrounding muscles (on the contrary, keeping them working at just the needed pressure), thus improving muscle strength, tone and efficiency (yep, it’s all good!). This means you’ll be able to support that air much better right before it hits the vocal cords to produce sound.

So forget about the stereotyped fat opera singer and get yourself on the treadmill right now!

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